Visiting Filmmakers Series Event Recordings 2016-2019

Click on images below to access video recordings. 

Fall 2019: Patti Cake$ with producer Michael Gottwald. 






Spring 2019: A Discussion on Leftism, Morality, and Community Growth: Boots Riley, Richard Wolff, and Andrew Kliman. 





Spring 2019: Say Her Name: The Life and Death of Sandra Bland. 





The UnafraidSpring 2019: The Unafraid with Heather Courtney. 






Fall 2018: Dark Money with Kimberly Reed.




Spring 2018: In Lorton's Darkroom with filmmaker and photographer Karen Ruckman, producer Emma Pearce, and photographers Calvin Gorham and Michael Moses El. 




Fall 2016: A Conversation with Christine Vachon, with Giovanna Chesler.